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The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 is the Real Pandemic
  ·  2020-11-28

Fear, anger, stress and anxiety are just a few of the harrowing emotions that flooded the public back in March when we truly understood the severity of the Covid crisis. Many worked hard to turn these lemons into lemonade as they optimistically waited for this to pass us by in the following months. Now, nearing the end of the year, the virus seems to be nowhere near a place of improvement, continuing to encourage social distancing and isolation techniques to slow the spread. The techniques used to slow the spread of the contagious COVID- 19 virus, however, are spreading another invisible pandemic, a drastic decline in mental health.

A common misconception is that mental health and mental illness are the same thing. The fact of the matter is, that while not everyone has a menta ...

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Talk Therapy is the Key to Strengthening Dysfunctional Families
  ·  2020-12-16

Everyone has mental health just life physical health. Therefore, mental health can dip on occasion just like we can catch a cold or a flu physically. Just as everyone is capable of developing a chronic illness, the same is true for mental illnesses as well.

When one of the two parties in a couple is struggling with a mental illness, it can create friction and cracks within the foundation of the relationship. Seeking professional talk therapy and couples counseling can help fill these cracks that have formed and help prevent new cracks from emerging. Not only will this create a space to have an open dialogue, partner to partner, about the effects of the mental health struggles that are impacting the relationship, but it also allows for the observance and input of an unbiased in ...

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How EMDR is The Key to Treating Trauma
  ·  2020-12-18

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. At first glance this may seem like an unorthodox approach to mental health treatments, however, many studies show positive results from this form of treatment. To put it simply, during EMDR therapy, a patient relives traumatic memories in small doses while a therapist directs their eye movements. The brain does not process traumatic memories the same way it processes all other memories. These traumatic events are integrated into the brain in a splintered manner.

EMDR is believed to be so beneficial because reliving a traumatic event is supposedly easier to do when your attention is constantly being redirected. This distraction also leads to incomplete retrieval of the full traumatic memory. The traumatic memory is ...

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How Mindfulness and Gratitude are Combating Depression and Anxiety
  ·  2020-12-20

In today’s society, there is a lot of casual talk about depression and anxiety. Many flippant jokes are made in the media about these difficult emotions and mental illnesses, which can lead to a lack of understanding about how these struggles truly affect one’s day to day life.

Depressive and anxiety disorders are much more than simply feeling sad or nervous. These struggles penetrate someone’s life much deeper than a normal emotional fluctuation. Someone with depression cannot find joy in anything in their lives and may find it nearly impossible to get themselves out of bed, or to shower, or cook themselves meals. Someone with anxiety will negatively spiral and panic at the sheer thought of doing something wrong or needing to do a simple errand lik ...

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The Growing Prevalence and Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders
  ·  2020-12-20

There is ever growing evidence that substance abuse disorders are an increasing struggle for many among us in today’s society. There are many factors that contribute to one’s ability to develop a substance abuse problem. These factors range from genetic, to underlying mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, PTSD, and even an attention deficit disorder, among others. It has also been observed that there are growing numbers of depressed or anxious emotions among many individuals, specifically teens and young adults.

Positively, our society is always growing, evolving and changing for the better. Technology improves along with medical science and medical treatments. However, with these positive improvements come negative outward effects. These result in easier ...

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Employee Assistance Programs - What is an EAP and How Can It Be Used?
  ·  2021-01-08

It is no secret that the past year has been difficult for most of those out there within their finances, careers, and personal lives. Many people are struggling to adapt to new forms of work such as remote work from home, sharing office spaces with those they live with, along with balancing work and home schooling their children. These transitions for many companies and their employees have been less than easy. Offering employee’s an employee assistance program that they can utilize during these tumultuous times can provide workers the support they need to continue to perform their job duties efficiently as well as maintain balance with in their mental and physical health which is more important now than ever.

Many employees find reasons not to utilize their company&rsqu ...

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The Mind - Body Connection - Why Biofeedback is Important
  ·  2021-01-11

Research and discussions around the mind body connection are growing in popularity everyday. Mental health and physical health are completely intertwined and when one is off balance the other follows suit. When someone is struggling with a mental health, figuring out what their physical body needs is incredibly important.

What is BioFeedback?

BioFeedback, boiled down is the process with which individuals learn how to modify their physiology for the sole purpose of improving mental, physical, and emotional health. Similar to physical therapy, BioFeedback requires physical participation and regular practice. Biofeedback helps patients learn to control what were previously believed to be involuntarily and uncontrollable processes.

There are se ...